Wine Industry

The consultants of the group have been involved in the wine industry both in a direct way as well as indirectly   while consulting in financial deals in the import-export trade.

Past members of the group developed Brands of wine from scratch for the US Market. contributed to the financial aspect of wine imports. And helped develop the portfolio for two distributors in USA and Chile. 

Some of the current and past projects include:
Wine Consultancy. Recommendations of products placement after detailed market research.

Representation of wineries in the US Market. 
Verona Vinita is the Italian holding that includes family owned wineries from all regions and gather them for international commercial reasons.
The main wineries of the group are Villa Caplet from Verona, Fattoria La Peschiera and Fattoria Campigiana from Tuscany and Bartoloemo Demaria from Piedmont. 
Also the holding owns other brands of "value wines" like Portegui and Belle as well as higher end brands like Fossato. 
Ganapathi Group inc. is in charge of promotional events and other related marketing actions for the brands represented. 

Though a partnership with Icarus Wines, importer of Florida,  we represent wineries from Argentina. Some of the brands: Don Genaro, Toneles, Primogenito, Barrica 29, and Juan Delgado. 

Business plan for wine stores in Argentina and Chile

Brand management for foreign wineries.

International Wine Brokerage include Argentinean - Chilean - Spanish and Italian wines in Asia, Brasil, USA, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Bahamas and Puerto Rico.  

Italian Boutique Winery Promotion
This project is a joint venture with VINITA USA CO, a Florida registered wine company that is set up to materialize the education and promotional needs of small Italian wineries otherwise not known in international markets. This supported by Italian a Consortium that sponsors the project with public funds.
The project includes commercial consulting, promotional actions, education and events.

Vintage financing
Financing to wineries for production growth. Diagram of the Marketing plan to accomplish commercial growth to fulfill the new production capabilities. Commercial right of a % of production negotiated.

Mr. Ariel Casali was involved in the export of Argentinean wines to Asian markets in 2003 and 2004. After that he has been involved in the industry in one way or another, consulting in Financial aspects of exports, Marketing and branding for wineries. 

Mr. Mark Bishi has been a wine connoisseur, collector and trader in the Asian Market for over a decade.
Proud owner of one of the best private collections.
Assisted in the Market research and design process of a business model for a new winery. Wine Broker with a track record of more than 28 containers of high end wines (September 2014)

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