Ganapathi Group inc. recognizes that the mayor problem in international business come when the financing aspect come to play. Most companies do not consider international business to to be reliable or trustworthy of finance or term payment. This is why we paired with financial companies that are experts in international financing.

In some cases full financing of machinery is available and in other what they only need is a three month period of grace.

Some examples of different financing options:
  • In the past the company has granted 30, 60, 90 and 120 days from BL to importers of building materials. 
  • 6 year financing of 85% of the value of medical equipment at 7% year rate with a 6 month grace period.
  • 2 year financing of used equipment.
  • 30 day from BL for exporters
  • Factoring of Invoices.
 Every business falls under particular regulations and it might also be benefited by incentives. So projects have to be analized individualy.
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