Ganapathi Group Inc. is a multi-lingual U.S.-based consulting company that offers a wide variety of sales, commercial, marketing, and strategic support for domestic and international clients. For over 10 years Ganapathi Group has successfully consulted for and built long-lasting relationships with companies, organizations, and individuals from multiple industries, including food and wine, telecom, hospitality, construction, technology, and commodities.

Ganapathi Group Inc. has a long tradition in the U.S. and abroad of cultivating successful partnerships and strategic joint ventures and bringing innovative solutions to our clients and partners.

Our mission is to provide you with:

·      One-on-one engagement and support with the president of our company and our partners

·      A results-driven, strategic approach to business that meets your unique needs

·   Several years of industry experience, expert knowledge, and access to key resources

·      Creative, outside-the-box thinking that supports innovation and problem-solving in high-stakes, often sensitive negotiations

·      A commitment to the highest professional principles of integrity, honesty, and loyalty in all of our collaborations

·      Consulting services that care as deeply about your business’s success as you do

·      Expert advice and support that facilitates growth and supports sales for your company

·      Access to a wide variety of industry experts and valuable partners who can add to the collaborative team efforts to grow your business or solve problems

Why Ganapathi? 

Why Ganapathi? Also known as Ganesha in Hindu mythology, Ganapathi is the god of new beginnings. He is also considered a guardian and a remover of obstacles. My professional approach and business philosophy are founded on the ideas of creating exciting new beginnings for my clients and their businesses and serving as a trusted guardian of their brand as we work together to overcome any obstacles and unlock their business’s full potential.   

              Ariel CasalĂ­