Event Services

With Ganapathi’s Help You’ll Never Miss Another Big Event

Trade shows, fairs, conferences – these professional activities are essential to positioning your business in your industry, maintaining its reputation, and driving engagement, sales, and advancement. Networking and showcasing your business at professional events is not only beneficial, it’s mandatory today. Unfortunately, companies are often unable to attend their industry’s most important events of the year. Whether you are experiencing geographical constraints, budget or staffing issues, a language barrier, or scheduling conflicts, Ganapathi offers a simple pathway for your business to secure its presence at all major industry functions and events, without tapping into your valuable resources and time.
Ganapathi’s consulting services will represent your brand or products at important industry events, enabling your business to maintain its presence at key gatherings without you or your staff having to attend the event. In fact, all you are required to do is provide Ganapathi with samples for the event, your company information, and any promotional materials to be displayed or distributed at the event (although, we also offer to provide these if you do not already have them available). Ganapathi will take care of the rest!

Here is a breakdown of Ganapathi’s Event Services
On your behalf, Ganapathi will:

-       devise a strategic plan with you as to which yearly events would best benefit your brand

-       attend each event on your behalf, representing and supporting the sales of your brand and product(s) throughout the event

-       represent your brand at the event and act as the commercial face of your product in your absence

-       coordinate all event logistics on your behalf, including securing and setting up your booth or display area

-       presenting your products to key buyers and interested parties, facilitating sales and interest in your business or product

-       provide any necessary signage, marketing, or promotional materials for the event

-       advertise and promote your brand and product through a variety of social media channels and email blasts before, during, and after the event

-       offer sales support for any deals or negotiations generated during the event